One tool to rule them all!

Dubbing Desk © is the solution to improve production times in your localization or dubbing company.
Set your team in the same page and keep them organized.

Most relevant features

Dubbing Desk © allows you to configure each system parameter according to your needs, if you wish and on request, you can customize the background images of the login page and the main logo,


You can extend the power of Dubbing Desk © by acquiring licenses to activate extensions that we add to the core according to our customers needs and everyone involved in the process. From version


The processes that delay the production chain, in addition to being susceptible to countless human errors, are the handling of Purchase Orders, Casting Assignment, Dubbing credits creation, QC


To every Manager, monitor clearly and in real time the performance of his company, is a decision maker tool. Dubbing Desk ©make use of all the data filled by its users to offer you quick graphics


One of the most tedious task in any dubbing company is to keep track of the recordings made by the voice actors and calculate the correct amount to pay for such work. Usually, a unique recording


The Dubbing Desk © Calendar is an essential organizational tool, from simple features as being able to manually assign tasks by recording studio to complex


At each production stage, the amount of employees involved can go from a single person to very big work teams that rely on each other, and the amount of information handled in each process is


The Dashboard is the first page you will see in  Dubbing Desk ©. Here, you and your staff can monitor the status of each episode in production and in what stage they are.

We help your dubbing company to innovate and grow under control. Allow us to offer you a proper solutino to jump to the next level.

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