Introducción General

Dubbing Desk ©

Dubbing Desk © is a web application built based in the actual needs of the dubbing studios and their workflow.  With the aim of optimize the delivery times, avoid jumps in the production chain and display in organized and friendly way, all the production chain stages and involved departments in the dubbing process, Dubbing Desk © born as a solution to your problems, no more paper and no more information gaps in the way. 

Dubbing Desk © has been developed since 2013 and is in production in several localization agencies in Venezuela and the US with 100% satisfactory results. As a Web App, Dubbing Desk © is to be used as a intranet in your local network, allowing access only to authorized staff from any computer, tablet or mobile device using only a internet browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Dubbing Desk © as a intranet, must be set it up by our technical team, in a dedicated server, in order to have all the dependencies properly installed and configured, as well to purchase a core use license and plugins based on your needs. 

System minimal requirements:

  • 64 bits OS Server, Windows 10 Pro o Windows Server 2016.
  • 1 GB NIC.
  • 8Gb RAM
  • Intel® Xeon® E3-1225 v3
  • HHD 300 GB @ 7200 rpm

A bit of history

Dubbing Desk © is developed by Johnny Serra (CEO of Backstage Studios Latin America CA and JRWebmasters (Actually The Sound Enclave LLC)), back in 2013, as a simple tool to generate recording vouchers for his own studio, after noticing that the process was cumbersome, susceptible to human errors and used to take a great amount of time of the employee in charge of that task, when that time could be better invested in other areas of need and without any commercial solution available. As soon as the results were noticed, Johnny Serra began to segment and catalog the workflow in dubbing companies, detecting all the processes that could be optimized and thus, update after update, each area was optimized and automated to become an integral and indispensable application for the company.