You can extend the power of Dubbing Desk © by acquiring licenses to activate extensions that we add to the core according to our customers needs and everyone involved in the process. From version 3, several extensions were developed that optimize production time much more, we mention the most outstanding ones:

The Dubbing Prompter:

This wonderful tool is something that every professional dubbing studio should include among its applications if it want to be competitive. The Prompter cover two essential functions, the first is to analyze the scripts and automatically resolve all errors commonly committed by translators and notify the operator of possible mistakes that must be reviewed to avoid errors. Translation is the base of any dubbing project and although certain errors are a natural part of the process, tend to delay the production at some point in the chain, for this reason the script must be in the best conditions before entering in a production stage. The second function of the pointer is to synchronize the script with the workstation, so that the Actor can see the text in sync with the video without the need of paper or any additional equipment. The prompter was designed with, both, the Translator and the Dubbing Actor in mind as well as the Recording Engineer, so it includes multiple modes of operation that significantly reduces the scripts reviewing and recording time.

Smart Calendar

As mentioned in the description of this feature, the native calendar of Dubbing Desk © complies with the basic tasks assignment functions. Acquiring the Smart Calendar license, release its power, analyzing the workload and automatically assigning tasks, allowing the actors to schedule their own recording schedule remotely and much more.

Loudness Verification

It is already a worldwide standard that all audio material for Broadcasting complies with the standards established in the CALM Act. Dubbing Desk © before allowing a material to be marked as ready to be delivered to the client, makes a Loudness validation after QC, if it not comply, automatically generates a quality control report for immediate correction.